We all aspire to a better self

That’s why we train so hard, days in days out. And that’s how projects end up being sent.

🏡 One place

We created this website because we felt there wasn’t a place where you could find all the infos you wanted to train properly. Some good books, many blogs articles, a few videos (see our ressources page) but not a consistent, clear and methodical approach in a single user-friendly one-stop-shop. Our goal is to fill this gap.

👫 Who we are

We are passionate rock climbers who spend most of our free time at the gym or at the nearest crag. We’ve climbed in Fontainebleau, Buoux, the Gorges du Verdon, Mallorca, Sardigna, New Zealand, Thailand… and we now call the Blue Mountains near Sydney our home. Feel free to contact us if you’re around!

👉 For you

We truly hope this will help you become a better climber. Wether you are a fresh new climber or a veteran, there should be plenty for you to read, learn and try. We’ve spent many hours designing and creating the content but it’s not perfect. Please let us know how things can be improved.

👣 Next steps

This place should belong to the community. In the near future we would like you and any person interested in this project to contribute by sharing your own routines, exercises and knowledge. If you feel you can help us achieve this, please contact us.


This website is free, ad-free, sponsor-free and will remain so. Enjoy 🙂

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