Technique means a skilful or efficient way of doing something. In climbing, technique includes everything you need to consciously or unconsciously execute a series of moves: balance, momentum, coordination… And also all the specific skills you’ll need to solve problems without wasting energy: flagging, drop-knee, smearing…

You will often hear that to become elite at anything one needs to practice for 10 000 hours on average. In reality it’s a bit more complicated than that: what you want is to focus very deliberately on the sub-skills that make up an overall skill.  Focusing on more specific things than just climbing is harder but will ensure continued improvements.

What is climbing technique?

How can I train technique?

Are there differences between technique indoors and outdoors?

Learn and train technique

Learn the basic movements that will be the foundation of your technique.

Intermediate movements
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Learn intermediate movements.

Advanced movements
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Learn advanced movements.

Using different holds
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Rhythm, flow and speed
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Slab or face climbing
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Overhang climbing
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Crack climbing
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