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General principles

This site features exercises nested inside of “Themes” and “Playlists“.

Themes represent the main categories that an aspiring climber will likely be interested in to learn and progress: there are 12 categories in total, accessible from the home page or the top menu bar at all time.

Playlists are sets of exercises otherwise known as “routines”. Playlists are meant to be followed in descending order from start to finish. Once a routine has become boring or too easy, simply search for a new one. We are adding new playlists every week!

How to find exercises?

Exercices can be found by navigating inside Themes and choosing one of the existing playlists.

Alternatively, all playlists can be accessed through the Playlist menu in the Top Menu bar. In this case, you can filter according to difficulty, equipment required and the specific part of the body you would like to train.

What info can I find in each exercises?

Each exercises has 7 tags that describe some key aspects of the exercises:

Diff: The difficulty of the exercise.From easy to Extra Hard.

Need: The equipment needed to do the exercise.”-” means nothing is required.

Specific training: What part of your body you will train. Can be “fingers”, or “upper body”, or “triceps” or “everything” etc.

Sets: The number of time the same exercise should be repeated. For most exercises it is better to repeat at least twice (“2x”).

Reps: The number of repetition of the same movement without any rest. For example you could do 10x reps of pull ups with no rest – this would be one set.

Rest time: This is the time you should rest in between sets. For instance 3x sets with 2 min rest mans : Set 1 -> 2 min -> Set 2 -> 2 min -> Set 3

Weight: This is an optional tag that tells if weight should be added to perform an exercise. This is only for Hard and Extra Hard exercises.


What are playlists?

A playlist is simply a collection of exercises that you can use to achieve a specific goal.

For example by using the playlist “The Yoga Warm-up”, you will follow a number of relevant exercises that have been added to this playlist in a specific order.

Playlists can be created on the Playlist page. Select the 3 key parameters and you are all set. An advanced search will be available soon to create even more customisable playlists with the possibility to save them for later use.

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